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DBS Speak Up
Your questions answered

Q: Why should I Speak Up on fraud and misconduct?

A: To help continue to make DBS a safe and honest place to work. Fraud and misconduct does have a negative effect on our workplace and reputation. By reporting fraud and misconduct you can help to provide a safe and honest work environment and enhance the effectiveness of DBS.

Q: Can I remain anonymous?

A: It's all up to you whether you choose to remain anonymous or not. At times you may not be able to remain anonymous as your identity may be apparent from the information given.

Unless you choose to reveal your identity, we take all reasonable steps to maintain confidentiality and protect your anonymity. Every effort will be made not to reveal the identity to the extent feasible and permissible under the law.

Q: What happens when I make a call?

A: Telephone calls to DBS Speak Up are not recorded, nor is there a caller ID to identify the call. You will not be asked by DBS Speak Up to provide your name unless you wish to identify yourself. Your report will be known only by a unique reference number, unless you choose to tell DBS Speak Up your name.

You will be asked to provide yourdetailed report to an experienced and independent forensic investigator, who may ask you some additional clarification questions, while taking the details of your report.

Q: What do I need to tell DBS Speak Up?

A: Tell DBS Speak Up as much information as you can when you Speak Up. For example,

  • Names of people involved;
  • Names of any witnesses (if any);
  • Date, time and location of incident;
  • Details of evidence you know of;
  • The value of any money or asset involved;
  • How often this incident occurred.

Q: What if I suspect something is wrong but I am not sure?

A: Most cases reported are uncovered through tips from honest people who may not be sure of all the facts. This is perfectly all right. We do not expect you will to know every last detail. Reporting what you do know is enough.

Q: Will I be involved after I report an incident?

A: You are not required to be involved after you have reported the incident. However, DBS Speak Up may call you for more information if required (if you have left behind your contact details). Also, if you have any new or additional information, or would like to make any amendments to your report, you can make a follow up call and quote the reference number provided to you at the time of the initial call.

Q: How soon will DBS be notified after something is reported?

A: A report to a dedicated representative at DBS is made within one (1) business day after a disclosure.

Q: Do I get any rewards for reporting misconduct?

A: No, there is no reward for reporting fraud and misconduct to DBS Speak Up.

Q: How many times can I contact DBS Speak Up?

A: You can contact DBS Speak Up as many times as you wish to report on any suspected fraud and misconduct.

Q: Are law enforcement agencies notified of reports made to DBS Speak Up?

A: The information reported to DBS Speak Up is forwarded to a dedicated representatives at DBS responsible for addressing fraud and misconduct. If they decide corrective action is necessary, they may notify the appropriate law enforcement agency, when and where appropriate.

Q: Will there be an investigation process after each report is made?

A: Whether there is an investigation depends on a number of factors such as information provided, details, documentations and DBS policy. DBS will decide on the action required when they receive the report.

Q: What personal information will DBS Speak Up collect about you or others?

A: You may provide your own personal information if you like, or you may remain anonymous. Deloitte may also ask you for as much information about the people you are reporting on to assist DBS Speak Up make an informed and correct decision on the matter.

Q: How will DBS Speak Up use or disclose any personal information?

A: DBS Speak Up will consider the most appropriate ways to use or disclose any personal information provided to it in so far as it assists in dealing with the disclosure. If you choose to provide your identity, DBS Speak Up will not disclose it without your consent.

About DBS Speak Up

DBS Speak Up is an independent hotline service run by Deloitte that gives you the opportunity to anonymously blow the whistle on misconduct